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A Complete Guide

Lab Grown Diamond Collection

Chemically identical to natural diamonds, Lab grown diamonds offer a more affordable and sustainable option. Learn everything there is to know about Lab diamonds with our detailed guide written by our diamond experts.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond that has been created in a controlled laboratory environment that replicates the conditions and process that takes place under the crust of the earth when natural diamonds form. They are created from the same material as well as appearing optically and chemically the same as natural diamonds.


How are lab-grown diamonds made?

Lab-grown diamonds can be created using processes called HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) or CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition). Using cutting-edge technology these processes replicate the natural conditions in which mined diamonds are formed. These processes cause the carbon atoms to form in an identical way to naturally forming diamonds this means that, chemically, lab-grown diamonds will test as diamonds. A lot of people consider CVD to make the best diamonds colour and clarity wise, however, as all diamonds are so unique this can vary greatly. By adding trace elements, the lab can create diamonds of different colours making these fancy-coloured diamonds less rare and therefore more affordable.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

You can only distinguish between a man-made diamond and a natural diamond with specialised equipment that can detect the minor differences in trace elements present and the crystal growth, so to the naked eye, they will appear the same. Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds share the same properties such as both being made out of 100% carbon, sharing the same thermal conductivity, crystal structure, and density, and most importantly both score 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means your lab-grown diamond is no more likely to chip or get scratched than a mined diamond.



Lab Diamond Inspiration

Discover the most popular items in our lab grown diamond collection.

18ct Yellow Gold Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond Pendant 1.09ct
18ct Yellow Gold Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond Pendant 1.09ct
18ct Yellow Gold Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond Pendant 1.09ct

Platinum Fancy Pink Lab Grown Diamond
Platinum Pear Shaped Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Is a lab-grown diamond a real diamond?

Yes - they share the same chemical composition and properties their origin is the only difference. They are different when looked at with specialist equipment but most expert gemmologists cannot tell the difference by just looking! This also means you can get them appraised and insured just the same as any other diamond.


How are lab-grown diamonds certified?

Lab grown diamonds are certified the same as mined diamonds, once they are ready they are sent to an independent gem lab where they are inspected by an expert. They are certified using the 4 C’s; cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight.  As with naturally mined diamonds lab diamonds can also vary in all of these factors. So you can be sure you’re getting the best quality lab-grown diamonds when choosing which stone is right for you.

Why are lab-grown diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?

Natural diamonds have a longer supply chain causing them to be more expensive, it takes longer for them to form underground, and then it takes longer to get them from their raw form to retail ready as well as they exchange more hands than the lab-grown alternative, which only takes weeks to form, means you can get the same quality diamond at a fraction of the price. However, as lab-grown diamonds are still quite new to the jewellery market no one can make predictions as to how the pricing or value will change in the future.


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Are lab diamonds sustainable?

As lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory and not mined from the earth they are less disruptive to the environment as it takes up a considerable amount of space to mine them as well as once you are finished mining the ground can take years to return to usable for farming, therefore, creating a lasting impact. Lab-created diamonds can also be better for the environment as it takes considerably less energy to create a diamond in a lab than it does to mine it out of the ground.

Is a lab-grown diamond the same as moissanite or cubic zirconia?

No, while lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds share the same chemical composition of 100% carbon, diamond simulants such as moissanite have completely different chemical compositions and have different properties that mean they aren’t real diamonds. For example, cubic zirconia is zirconium dioxide and can easily be distinguished from a diamond with the naked eye.


Learn More About Lab Grown Diamonds

Yes, ethically and sustainably lab diamonds are better for the environment. They are also more cost effective and are as durable as traditional diamonds while not compromising on looks.

Yes, lab diamonds are chemically the same as mined diamonds, so they will still test as a diamond on a diamond tester.

Of course, even though they aren’t as rare as mined diamonds, lab created diamonds can still hold a lot of value. So getting your diamonds insured is still important, especially if the ring has emotional significance - such as an engagement ring.

Yes, lab grown diamonds can come in colourless as well as fancy coloured varieties.

As lab grown diamonds are still a new creation to hit the jewellery market, no one can accurately say how their value will fluctuate in the future.

The best diamond grading bodies depend on person to person and jeweller to jeweller as everyone sees each one to have their strengths and weaknesses. If you want to know more about diamond certifications speak to one of our specialists.

Of course, just like any other diamond ring you can purchase any of our lab grown diamond pieces on 0% finance.