It is not always possible and convenient to rely on your local jewellers to give your beloved jewellery a little spruce up. So here at Johnson’s Jewellers we have fashioned an effortless top tip guide to help keeping your jewellery looking fresh and of course… dazzling!

Although a home clean will never have the end result as a professional clean, it can certainly make a difference. Perhaps you may have some old jewellery hidden away that you yearn to start wearing again, or you daily favourites are beginning to diminish from constant wear and being subjected to hairspray’s, soaps, perfumes…

Jewellery Top tips;

Please note each and every piece of jewellery is unique, therefore before any cleaning progresses, check your jewellery setting all over for any loose stones, lifted claw setting or any chipped/damaged stones. Also an extremely important factor is please read any label of any jewellery cleaning solutions you may use- Certain gemstones such as Pearls, Emeralds, and Coral are too delicate for most jewellery cleaning chemicals.

First and foremost, lay your jewellery out on a soft non fibre cloth for inspection, and carefully examine your jewellery all over for any chips or breakages. This is a really important element to remember, it will prevent any further damage or heartache of losing a stone whilst cleaning.

For those who don’t own a jewellery cleaning solution (we highly recommend Connoisseurs cleaning solution, available online) you will need 2 small jugs. One jug partly filled with lukewarm water, the other with fresh cold water. NEVER wash your jewellery over a sink/basin. For those who do own a cleaning solution, once again please check the label and if applicable and you will only need 1 jug of fresh water.

Next carefully place your jewellery in the cleaning solution pot. for those without cleaning solution, carefully add a small amount of washing up liquid to the lukewarm water and place your jewellery items inside. Do not overcrowd the jewellery, it’s better to add 1 or 2 pieces at a time. At this moment in time, regardless which method you take, your jewellery should be now immersed in some kind of cleaning solution for around 20 seconds.

If you use Connoisseurs cleaning products, they come with a small fine cleaning brush. The next step is to carefully use this brush to brush over your jewellery. Do not be afraid to scrub under your diamonds, as silly things such as soaps and perfumes get easily stuck and makes your diamonds look dull. To create your own cleaning brush, we can recommend an old fine mascara brush or baby tooth brush. You don’t want a large brush as it may be damaging but also awkward to use on smaller pieces.

Re dip your jewellery several times in the cleaning solution and scrub all over. When you have done this several times, place your jewellery into the other small jug of fresh water for also around 20 seconds. Take your jewellery out, place on a cloth and repeat this process but with a fresh jug of water. It is important to rinse off any cleaning solutions as it may become irritable on the skin but also leave an oxidised effect on the jewellery.


The final step is to dry off your jewellery and clean it with a micro fibre cloth if you don’t own a specialist cleaning cloth. Be extremely careful not to snag any claw setting when drying and polishing your jewellery.  

If you find it hasn’t fully restored your ring, repeat the process all again! Please Remember with precious metals such as white gold, they will need a specialised rhodium coating at a Jewellers, for that extra white finish. When your jewellery is looking fabulous and clean, place your jewellery in a safe clean place.

There are many old wives’ tales on how to clean your jewellery, but it is crucial not to use any harsh home cleaning chemicals such as bleach or vinegar to clean your jewellery. It is better to repeat the process of using softer cleaning solutions. If you would like to treat your jewellery to its very own beauty products, then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If you have any further questions regarding cleaning your jewellery at home or products that can help, please call us on 02476 347 038 or email us on [email protected].